Yoga Retreats in Colorado: Bring a Friend or Go it Alone?

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If you've been thinking about going on a retreat, it is the most natural response for you to want to invite a friend.  SoulSpark Journeys has found a number of our Colorado yoga teachers have experienced this in the past for a variety of reasons:

1) You want your best friend's company

2) You know he or she needs it as much as you do

3) You'd prefer not to be the only one new to the crew

4) It's always easier to have a partner in crime to navigate unfamiliar spaces

Although there are plenty of other arguments one could make about having a friend or family member with you on your spiritual journey, yoga is ultimately a place for turning inward.  So we ask you to carefully consider WHY you are called to retreat space.  Here are some good questions to start with:

1) Have you lost touch of your motivation or passion?

2) Is there a part of your past that is holding you back?

3) Is there a re-occurring theme in your life that keeps popping up that you would like to analyze?

4) Are you making big shifts moving forward in your professional or personal life?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, having someone who knows you might be very beneficial to join you on retreat! A friend or partner to call you out on your sh*t, so that you cannot hide behind your excuses or pretend any longer...

However, if your intentions for retreat do not resonate with those inquiries, try these on:

1) Is there a part of you that feels suffocated or drowned by current social groups?

2) Are you seeking a breath of fresh air when it comes to perspective, insight or conversation?

3) Are silence and introspection priorities?

4) Are you looking to find a version of yourself you may not feel comfortable exploring in your current living situation?

If YES popped up for one or most of these, you may want to consider trying a retreat by yourself.  There are incredible strangers out there waiting to be your allies.  Like minded individuals are drawn to our retreat company, and we love watching folks connect over a cup of coffee, a good cry, or an intense workout.  SoulSpark Journeys was created to help you relax, rejuvenate, and grow to your fullest potential.  

Yoga calls you to break down boundaries you have created with your mental and physical body, and our retreats are a fabulous way for you to serve your own needs.

Spend your time on a Colorado yoga retreat or destination yoga workshop with or without a friend--we are sure you will make the right decision for you to spark your soul!

Equinox Celebration in Steamboat Springs: Ultimate Rocky Mountain Getaway

Colorado yoga retreat for fall equinox

It's always fun to look back on workshops that our SoulSpark Journeys teachers have lead in the past.  This is one of our favorite from the fall equinox last year.  It was a magical time to have our yoga instructors gather with community to embrace change in season and welcome equal daylight and equal nighttime.  Destination yoga retreat leader Sal Albert has also hosted group get togethers for the Summer Solstice.  About once a century, we welcome the summer solstice on the same day of the Strawberry Full Moon. In 2016, SoulSpark Journeys celebrated with an evening of prayer, movement and fun. We focused our intentions on being ready for personal growth and GOING FOR IT! Our students shared incredible goals, like professional promotion and self love without limitations. We strive for our clients to see their inner strengths and believe in themselves. Join us for more fun workshops in the future!

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Destination: Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with SoulSpark Journeys

Colorado yoga retreats with SoulSpark Journeys

Destination Yoga Retreats are offered all over the world, so why should you choose Colorado based SoulSpark Journeys?  We humbly offer a few pointers in the hopes that this decision is easy, not stressful!

Our number one priority for our clients is to relax, have fun, and feel spoiled.  How often in your life do you take time to pamper your body, soul and mind?  Embarking on a Destination Wellness Retreat can feel a little scary sometimes--especially if you are traveling solo--but we are here to remind you to BREATHE.  We got this.  Promise.  Food, activities, accommodations, transportation, etc.  As Destination Yoga Retreat Leaders, we know exactly how to make you comfortable, so you can focus on the bigger picture.  Like, what really matters to your heart and spirit?  What causes you fear and anxiety?  What are your needs, and how can you take responsibility for your emotional health?  There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing our students grow, shift, explore, and dive into deep spiritual inquiry.  As Rumi so eloquently wrote, "Ask the hard questions for the marvelous answers to appear."

Your practice is here to challenge you.  You are being called to your mat for a reason.  No time has been wasted, yet you have not a second to lose moving forward.  The time is NOW to spark your soul! 

You may be terrified.  You may want to stop cold in the journey, and turn back to a comfortable, yet unsatisfying, setting.  But we are here to guide, nurture and inspire you into a place of blooming potential.  We are here to remind you to notice.  Look for the things you forget to see when you are in a place of fear, or caught up in so much responsibility with work and family that you stopped giving thanks.  SoulSpark Journeys destination yoga retreats will make you grateful, but more importantly, they will make you SMILE.  Like this picture above, taken at a retreat deep in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The power of pacha mama was undeniably present.  She inspired us all to glow and flourish!

Will you join us?

SoulSpark Journeys Indulge in Destination Yoga Retreats

destination yoga retreat with soulspark journeys

What is more breathtaking than a sunset on a beach?  When we asked other SoulSpark Journeys yoga instructors that question and no one could come up with a better answer, the choice was easy to book a 2018 retreat in Mexico.  

While the Rocky Mountains of Steamboat Springs are very inspiring for yoga practice, yoga retreats, and Colorado yoga workshops, there always comes a time for us western ladies to spread our wings and explore the world.  

Colorado yogis far and wide have attended our retreats at home in the Yampa Valley, and we are excited to bring our talent to Mexico next March.  This is sure to be a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries and connect back in with our souls.  

Sign up today with your friend to reserve a spot in our spectacular SoulSpark Journeys destination yoga retreat! 

Colorado Yoga Instructors Plan Retreat in Steamboat Springs

colorado yoga retreats

We know you yogis have plenty of options for Colorado Yoga Retreats, and we are very excited that you chose to take a look at SoulSpark Journeys for your next adventure.  Colorado Yoga is a booming trend, one that we pray will only keep growing bigger and better ever year!  As Colorado Yogis ourselves, we are always looking for new ways to explore the Rocky Mountains and push ourselves to the next level.  That's why we have carefully crafted Colorado Yoga Retreats in Steamboat Springs to combine the best of luxury accommodations and good old, western, authentic Continental Divide inspiration.  Invite a friend, family member, or come solo to join SoulSpark's Colorado Yoga Teachers for an unforgettable retreat.  We select an impressive menu of local food to nourish and spark your soul.  All of the Colorado Yoga Instructors on the retreat hand make your meals with love, because we know the difference between preparing food ourselves and opting for prepackaged, processed options like some others do.  During a SoulSpark calendar year, you'll be sure to find plenty of Colorado Yoga Workshops and Colorado Yoga Classes, but the retreats combine the best of the best.  We invite Steamboat Springs locals and global visitors alike to join us. Steamboat Springs Yoga gatherings are unique in that all of our participants are invited to be the architects of their own lives.  We do not force you into participating, but rather extend our welcome to a range of options.  By partnering with healers, energy workers, physical trainers, certified nutritionists, and spiritual leaders, we encompass the entire Steamboat Springs Wellness community. 

Steamboat Springs Retreats happen annually, but do fill up quickly.  Be sure to check out our retreats page to find more about our offerings.  There is also an opportunity for you to meet your retreat instructors at Steamboat Springs Yoga Classes.  All of our Steamboat Springs Yoga Teachers have weekly classes, making their practice part of their monthly, if not daily, routine. While some Colorado Yoga Instructors can get so caught up in the profession that they rarely have time to center on their own mats, SoulSpark Journeys encourages all of our teachers to regularly come home to their own practice.  We offer opportunities for our teachers to have reduced pricing on festivals and we supplement continued education in the interest of having all of our instructors up to date on certifications.  

Join our SoulSpark Journeys family today by committing to a retreat! 

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SoulSpark Journeys Destination Yoga Retreats

steamboat springs, Colorado, yoga retreat

Steamboat Springs Yoga Workshops are always a blast.  By working with local and visiting yoga instructors from around Colorado, SoulSpark Journeys has been able to host incredible seminars at the Yoga Center of Steamboat Springs.  While the Yampa Valley is a wonderful place to root down, our yoga instructors absolutely love to travel, which is why we have grown SoulSpark Journeys as a destination Yoga Retreat Company.  This has allowed us to explore the globe, gain inspiration from our natural surrounds, and jump out of our comfort zones.  Without the familiarity of home, our Yoga Retreat Leaders are known to take chances, challenging themselves and their students to enhance their practice.  By participating in a Destination Yoga Retreat, you will not only expand your physical abilities, but also break mental boundaries that might be holding you back.  Have you felt there is a part of you that wants to do MORE?  That spark in your heart that says, "I want to help others reach their fullest potential, while I explore my own destiny?"  Than a Destination Wellness Retreat is absolutely for you!  As a Destination Yoga Retreat Leader, I can tell you there is no better opportunity to be HONEST with yourself than in retreat space.  Whether you are used to practicing Rocky Mountain Yoga, or have never attended a Rocky Mountain Yoga Retreat, our autumn gathering accepts all levels of yogis.  Our Rocky Mountain Retreat Leaders combine spiritual, physical, and mental needs in all of the classes, so you leave feeling recalibrated on all levels.  Looking for something outside of Colorado?  SoulSpark Journeys is a Travel Yoga Company for a reason!  Our handpicked Travel Yoga Instructors have impeccable taste in location, cuisine, and supplemental activities.  You'll never have a moment of boredom.  Rather, you'll have a chance to explore new passions and take time to simply enjoy life.  Read a book.  Journal.  Reflect on changes you desire to manifest a life you love.  If you are looking for a Private Yoga Retreat, SoulSpark Journeys is happy to coordinate your dream escape.  Perhaps you and a partner would like a romantic focused getaway, complete with lodging and meals?  Or maybe your wedding party is looking for a Private Yoga Instructor to offer lessons throughout your wedding weekend?  SoulSpark Journeys is happy to accommodate!

Contact us today to learn more about options.  

A writing workshop

I recently taught a yoga and writing workshop. Here is a little something I wrote during the workshop.


Snow softly falls

A blanket of silence

Inside we write

Pens quickly moving

 Our creativity


Writing connects us.

Four beautiful souls

Each with our own story

The pages turn black

With words.

Deeper we go

Not holding back

Ouietness pervaades

The room

We have found our stillness

Our souls.

steamboat springs winter photo colorado yoga

My Mat Is...

My mat is a place of refuge always present wherever I am. It can bring me tears and happiness, silence and laughter, stillness and movement. A dance of opposites. It remains splayed out waitingfor me each day. Inviting me in. I come to the mat with no expectations. Just showing up is tough enough. I let the journey begin and embrace it. Always different. Always changing.