Colorado Yoga Instructors Plan Retreat in Steamboat Springs

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We know you yogis have plenty of options for Colorado Yoga Retreats, and we are very excited that you chose to take a look at SoulSpark Journeys for your next adventure.  Colorado Yoga is a booming trend, one that we pray will only keep growing bigger and better ever year!  As Colorado Yogis ourselves, we are always looking for new ways to explore the Rocky Mountains and push ourselves to the next level.  That's why we have carefully crafted Colorado Yoga Retreats in Steamboat Springs to combine the best of luxury accommodations and good old, western, authentic Continental Divide inspiration.  Invite a friend, family member, or come solo to join SoulSpark's Colorado Yoga Teachers for an unforgettable retreat.  We select an impressive menu of local food to nourish and spark your soul.  All of the Colorado Yoga Instructors on the retreat hand make your meals with love, because we know the difference between preparing food ourselves and opting for prepackaged, processed options like some others do.  During a SoulSpark calendar year, you'll be sure to find plenty of Colorado Yoga Workshops and Colorado Yoga Classes, but the retreats combine the best of the best.  We invite Steamboat Springs locals and global visitors alike to join us. Steamboat Springs Yoga gatherings are unique in that all of our participants are invited to be the architects of their own lives.  We do not force you into participating, but rather extend our welcome to a range of options.  By partnering with healers, energy workers, physical trainers, certified nutritionists, and spiritual leaders, we encompass the entire Steamboat Springs Wellness community. 

Steamboat Springs Retreats happen annually, but do fill up quickly.  Be sure to check out our retreats page to find more about our offerings.  There is also an opportunity for you to meet your retreat instructors at Steamboat Springs Yoga Classes.  All of our Steamboat Springs Yoga Teachers have weekly classes, making their practice part of their monthly, if not daily, routine. While some Colorado Yoga Instructors can get so caught up in the profession that they rarely have time to center on their own mats, SoulSpark Journeys encourages all of our teachers to regularly come home to their own practice.  We offer opportunities for our teachers to have reduced pricing on festivals and we supplement continued education in the interest of having all of our instructors up to date on certifications.  

Join our SoulSpark Journeys family today by committing to a retreat! 

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