Destination: Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with SoulSpark Journeys

Colorado yoga retreats with SoulSpark Journeys

Destination Yoga Retreats are offered all over the world, so why should you choose Colorado based SoulSpark Journeys?  We humbly offer a few pointers in the hopes that this decision is easy, not stressful!

Our number one priority for our clients is to relax, have fun, and feel spoiled.  How often in your life do you take time to pamper your body, soul and mind?  Embarking on a Destination Wellness Retreat can feel a little scary sometimes--especially if you are traveling solo--but we are here to remind you to BREATHE.  We got this.  Promise.  Food, activities, accommodations, transportation, etc.  As Destination Yoga Retreat Leaders, we know exactly how to make you comfortable, so you can focus on the bigger picture.  Like, what really matters to your heart and spirit?  What causes you fear and anxiety?  What are your needs, and how can you take responsibility for your emotional health?  There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing our students grow, shift, explore, and dive into deep spiritual inquiry.  As Rumi so eloquently wrote, "Ask the hard questions for the marvelous answers to appear."

Your practice is here to challenge you.  You are being called to your mat for a reason.  No time has been wasted, yet you have not a second to lose moving forward.  The time is NOW to spark your soul! 

You may be terrified.  You may want to stop cold in the journey, and turn back to a comfortable, yet unsatisfying, setting.  But we are here to guide, nurture and inspire you into a place of blooming potential.  We are here to remind you to notice.  Look for the things you forget to see when you are in a place of fear, or caught up in so much responsibility with work and family that you stopped giving thanks.  SoulSpark Journeys destination yoga retreats will make you grateful, but more importantly, they will make you SMILE.  Like this picture above, taken at a retreat deep in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The power of pacha mama was undeniably present.  She inspired us all to glow and flourish!

Will you join us?