SoulSpark Journeys Indulge in Destination Yoga Retreats

destination yoga retreat with soulspark journeys

What is more breathtaking than a sunset on a beach?  When we asked other SoulSpark Journeys yoga instructors that question and no one could come up with a better answer, the choice was easy to book a 2018 retreat in Mexico.  

While the Rocky Mountains of Steamboat Springs are very inspiring for yoga practice, yoga retreats, and Colorado yoga workshops, there always comes a time for us western ladies to spread our wings and explore the world.  

Colorado yogis far and wide have attended our retreats at home in the Yampa Valley, and we are excited to bring our talent to Mexico next March.  This is sure to be a perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries and connect back in with our souls.  

Sign up today with your friend to reserve a spot in our spectacular SoulSpark Journeys destination yoga retreat!