Equinox Celebration in Steamboat Springs: Ultimate Rocky Mountain Getaway

Colorado yoga retreat for fall equinox

It's always fun to look back on workshops that our SoulSpark Journeys teachers have lead in the past.  This is one of our favorite from the fall equinox last year.  It was a magical time to have our yoga instructors gather with community to embrace change in season and welcome equal daylight and equal nighttime.  Destination yoga retreat leader Sal Albert has also hosted group get togethers for the Summer Solstice.  About once a century, we welcome the summer solstice on the same day of the Strawberry Full Moon. In 2016, SoulSpark Journeys celebrated with an evening of prayer, movement and fun. We focused our intentions on being ready for personal growth and GOING FOR IT! Our students shared incredible goals, like professional promotion and self love without limitations. We strive for our clients to see their inner strengths and believe in themselves. Join us for more fun workshops in the future!

colorado yoga retreat in steamboat springs