Yoga Retreats in Colorado: Bring a Friend or Go it Alone?

Colorado yoga retreat leaders and yoga instructors

If you've been thinking about going on a retreat, it is the most natural response for you to want to invite a friend.  SoulSpark Journeys has found a number of our Colorado yoga teachers have experienced this in the past for a variety of reasons:

1) You want your best friend's company

2) You know he or she needs it as much as you do

3) You'd prefer not to be the only one new to the crew

4) It's always easier to have a partner in crime to navigate unfamiliar spaces

Although there are plenty of other arguments one could make about having a friend or family member with you on your spiritual journey, yoga is ultimately a place for turning inward.  So we ask you to carefully consider WHY you are called to retreat space.  Here are some good questions to start with:

1) Have you lost touch of your motivation or passion?

2) Is there a part of your past that is holding you back?

3) Is there a re-occurring theme in your life that keeps popping up that you would like to analyze?

4) Are you making big shifts moving forward in your professional or personal life?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, having someone who knows you might be very beneficial to join you on retreat! A friend or partner to call you out on your sh*t, so that you cannot hide behind your excuses or pretend any longer...

However, if your intentions for retreat do not resonate with those inquiries, try these on:

1) Is there a part of you that feels suffocated or drowned by current social groups?

2) Are you seeking a breath of fresh air when it comes to perspective, insight or conversation?

3) Are silence and introspection priorities?

4) Are you looking to find a version of yourself you may not feel comfortable exploring in your current living situation?

If YES popped up for one or most of these, you may want to consider trying a retreat by yourself.  There are incredible strangers out there waiting to be your allies.  Like minded individuals are drawn to our retreat company, and we love watching folks connect over a cup of coffee, a good cry, or an intense workout.  SoulSpark Journeys was created to help you relax, rejuvenate, and grow to your fullest potential.  

Yoga calls you to break down boundaries you have created with your mental and physical body, and our retreats are a fabulous way for you to serve your own needs.

Spend your time on a Colorado yoga retreat or destination yoga workshop with or without a friend--we are sure you will make the right decision for you to spark your soul!