unplug. breathe. rejuvenate.

Whether you are suffocating from the monotony of routine, or looking for a boost of passion, an escape with SoulSpark Journeys will be just what your spirit ordered. Take time away from daily responsibilities and relationships in order to fulfill your own needs. SoulSpark Retreats provide the perfect opportunity for you to soak in new surroundings, connect deeply with like minded individuals, and let beautiful destinations inspire your blossoming yoga practice.

All you need to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest. Our design team chooses locations that will truly spark your soul, and combine mother nature with carefully crafted itineraries and menus to nurture your intentions. These all levels yoga retreats invite you to slow down, enjoy the moment, delve deeper into your asana inquiry and more importantly, yourself. Release the burden of your professional life, step out of your personal relationships, and embrace a weekend dedicated to YOU!

Yoga on and off the mat sets the scene for each retreat. Inspired by nearby landscapes, your dedicated leaders will combine a physical daily practice with complimentary activities. SoulSpark Journeys' yoga instructors specialize in small group vacations and understand the need for plenty of free time for you to turn inward, but will make sure you have ample options for leisure. We look for the perfect combination of luxurious accommodations, inspiring yoga studios, and fresh, nourishing food in all of our destination yoga retreats.  

Our Western lifestyle often leads us to "go go go" mode, into a place of competition, judgement, and chaos. Simply experiencing life, without planning for your future or stressing about your past, is not always easy when you're at home. We are trained from a young age in this country to push ourselves, making it hard to remember in our modern day that life isn't all about setting goals, climbing ladders, or driving ourselves to exhaustion in the interest of being productive. Sound familiar?  Chances are, you need to reboot your system. And the good news is, you're not alone!  There is no better way to connect you back to the organic wholeness of your being than a destination yoga retreat with SoulSpark Journeys.

At a Glance:

SoulSpark Journeys' teachers love to travel and have experience guiding groups on adventures throughout the world. From Colorado yoga workshops, to Carribean yoga classes, our leaders love to connect and collaborate with broad communities. Steamboat Springs yoga instructor and SoulSpark Journeys owner, Alex Mathisen, accompanies every group; depending upon the size of the group, she may invite multiple assistants. We keep our staff to client ratio impressively high so you feel supported and safe throughout your SoulSpark yoga retreat.

You don’t have to be a die hard yogi to join one of our trips. Unless otherwise specified, SoulSpark Journeys are designed for all ages, genders and abilities. We offer a variety of options in our destination wellness retreats for you to make your practice as challenging, or relaxing, as you desire.

Although yoga is the primary focus on each retreat, every trip is unique. Part of the journey is diving into the local culture; if we’re staying by the best surf in Costa Rica, then we’ll connect you with the most talented coaches around. An Italian adventure would not be complete without a cooking lesson and a tour of a local vineyard or olive oil mill, so that’s what you can expect in Tuscany. Our main goal is to help you remember your happiest self, so we provide activities to stimulate your heart. The most authentic version of you will emerge as you discover your divine nature on and off the mat.  

We pride ourselves on working with luxurious but affordable resorts that offer inspiring settings.  Our goal is for you to relax, unwind and feel at home. We've rented modern western properties in Northwest Colorado, breathtaking facilities in Latin America, and humble but gorgeous accommodations in Europe. As a travel yoga retreat company, SoulSpark Journeys makes the experience more important that profit. We do not cut corners, and thoroughly research all locations (if not travel there first before booking a yoga retreat). A wellness journey looks at the whole picture, and we want you to be as connected to mother earth as possible while exploring your destiny. 

We select chefs who place an emphasis on local, seasonal, and organic goods whenever possible. Most of our retreats are vegetarian, with coffee or alcohol available but not always included in the retreat package unless specified. SoulSpark Journeys yoga retreats always offer generous portions or buffet style meals, so no one goes hungry, we promise! If you are lucky enough to join us for a yoga retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, you'll see all your instructors practicing yoga in the kitchen. Using avant-garde recipes for clean eating in conjunction with the ancient teachings of Ayurvedic nutrition, we develop a colorful and delicious menu for our guests.  Infusing food with love and special intention, we hand make all of our snacks and treats, and may even send you home with a cookbook! 

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.
— Goethe