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Alexandra Pallut Mathisen is the founding director of SoulSpark Journeys, a retreat company for the modern yogi birthed from a passion for travel. About a decade ago, Alex had a moment of epiphany one morning in Italy. She awoke, looked out over the misty vineyard, and was so inspired by her surroundings that she decided to start her day by practicing yoga outside instead of heading straight to the computer. Her life has never been the same since. Taking time to practice has allowed Alex to celebrate her surroundings, center the mind, and find solace wherever she is in the world. Her mat has been her grounding force, and wherever it unrolls (sand, dirt, carpet or hardwood), she connects deeply home to heart. Her travels have taken her to Switzerland, Patagonia, Sumatra, Montreal, France, California and beyond, where she has practiced yoga on remote beaches and under the shadow of snowcapped mountains.

Alex creates retreats designed to open up the body and mind with an emphasis on honoring the individual journey of every student. Her classes combine many styles to represent her love of vinyasa, restorative, yin and meditation. Vinyasa classes offer an opportunity to sweat while focusing on alignment and introspection, while restorative and gentle yoga classes provide time to still the mind and nourish the soul. She invites you to meet yourself with an open mind. Be prepared to play with your edges with a smile-- and perhaps even a laugh. Alex and her team will happily remind you, after all, it's just yoga! SoulSpark Journeys partners with a diverse group of local teachers who are hand picked for each retreat.

A leader in Northwest Colorado for all things yoga, she gains international recognition from her certification by the Ashtanga School of Montreal. Alex currently lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her husband, Matt, and their tiny yogi daughter, Jade. She owns and operates the destination studio Yoga Center of Steamboat. She enjoys sharing her practice with her local Yampa Valley community with weekly classes and popular workshops. When she’s not in the studio, she loves exploring the great outdoors with her husband and daughter.  

...Step onto your mat with Alex & see where the journey takes you...